Jump'n'Brawl is a 2D brawling game where two to four players compete for the highest score, in local multiplayer environment (LAN and WAN versions are under development). The gameplay aims to mix brawling and platforming with a pixel-art look and feel. Several play modes are available : Regular (hit points and healing spots), Insta-kill (one hit, one kill), and Bump (where attacks are replaced by bumping opponents' head). Victory conditions can be set at the beginning of a session, involving a maximum number of point to be reached, and/or a session duration.

Example of controllers attribution

As a local multiplayer game, players should be able to choose the controller configuration that suits them or use what is avaiable. Keyboards can be shared, multiple keyboards can be played on, as well as gamepads (and eventually share gamepads).

Key/Controls layout

A player only needs four controls : Left, Right, Jump and Down/Special. Their use is quite simple except for the "Down" control (which will be described later). Left, right and jump allow the player to navigate the arena like in any simple plateformer.

Attack indicator show when to attack

Attacking another player is simple. As soon as the attack indicator appears, it is possible to perform an attack in the indicated direction. To do this, the player has to press the according direction control to initiate the attack. If the player was already pressing the command, they must release it and press it again to make the attack. This kind of attack is only available in "Regular" and "Insta-Kill" modes.

Control sequence can lead to special moves

In each game mode, players have access to their character's super power. To activate it, the player must to double tap the "Down/Special" control. It will unleash the super power. Each character has their own super power. Some are very powerful, some are just annoying and finally, some may seems useless but it depends a lot on of the arena. Superpowers have recharge time (in order to avoid spamming) and duration.